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Passionate Runner and Cyber Security Enthusiast


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I created this site to share some interests like running, InfoSec/Cyber, books to read, and my background. 

I don't have a Facebook account. Maintaining my own website allows me to control what's out there. I'm also on Twitter and LinkedIn.

The site contains the following pages (click enabled):

Running - I'm a avid runner. This page illustrates my 2018-2019 running season and my 2019-2020 bucket lists. I also added websites to visit.  

Information Security/Cyber - A list of great resources. This page is still under construction as I can't find a good theme to pursue.

Bookshelf - I read and listen to various non-fiction books. Here I share some of my thoughts. Subjects include business, technology, and professional.

About Me - Short and informal information about me. 

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Douglas Zipay is a Project Manager supporting US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) in Tampa, FL.  He's provided technical guidance and consultant services for government programs for over 12 years. 

Doug's an active runner and an Information/Cyber Security enthusiast.